Welcome to HireConnect Ltd. A brand new equipment hire company catering to the Civil engineering industry, providing tools and machinery leasing. HireConnect is looking to grow through supplying leading brands through sales and equipment hire in the local New Zealand industry. We are an honest group helping New Zealand build it's infrastructure along with our partners in the industry.


You may be wondering why HireConnect is inside the MachineLease website? That's because MachineLease has grown and we have partnered up with Machineworks Ltd to form what you will know as HireConnect. We have grown not because we think we are too big for the name, but because we are growing to accommodate the benefit of the New Zealand civil engineering industry. Our difference is, we can supply from difficult to source or hard to find equipment and tools, to your day to day engineering and work tools. Our mission is to ensure that once you hire through us we bring the plant to you! No need for additional hassles no need for hidden fees.